Sit & Relax Readers; You’re in for a real Treat.

Welcome! This is my very first Blog post EVER.

What to say? What to do? . . .  Computers confuse me; Will I even be good at blogging?

You tell me.

Most likely I’m thinking no.

A Brief Glimpse into my daily life . . .

Today I created this blog.

By the time the website required me to log back in I had already forgotten my password. ( Like Really)  Come on now.

I even told myself, as I was making it, to not forget it, but I did. In this day & age with numerous accounts, emails, passwords there is never a full day I go without forgetting at least one of the logins for something or another.

If you are one of those people who successfully manages all of their things without ever forgetting your password, then Congrats; you’ve really got your life set up for ya. Haha & well for the rest of us . . . if there is one positive thing we take away, from my first official post to a blog; it is that I need to do a better mf job of remembering my mf passwords  !!!

That constant annoyance of guessing multiple passwords; until the account either times out, or you remember the right combination of capitals numbers and explanation points, and or are forced to send that email to reset your password to yet another unmemorable nonsense.

True Life I have since written down the password for this blog.